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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; approaching 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the international strength of the domestic commercial institutions have to take the Olympic shuttle bus to get higher profits. However, over the years involved in the Olympic Games from the search business bill, both successfully reached the winner purpose, there are losers lose everything. Nike sports marketing success or failure, can provide sports marketing is "ride" the commercial organization methods and experience. Nike was founded only 30 years, and the old rivals Adidas commercial war, made outstanding achievements. Nike China Liu Xiang is also due to the success of planning a series of activities have been widely acclaimed industry. Success Nike is: do not sell shoes, only marketing emotion. minimum sponsorship of sporting events Since Liu Xiang won at the Athens Olympics, has become the object of pursuit of numerous companies competing, but this time Nike employee and Liu Xiang fraternizing drink and a laugh, because Nike early in 2002, when Liu Xiang still freezing on the media and he signed. at the Athens Olympics, the Chinese delegation of 32 gold medals in 12 Nike-sponsored, including kayaking, tennis and other ground-breaking projects. Why Nike insight into opportunities? Nike's experience is that sports marketing is not a one-time sponsor, but also to be steady and constant innovation. corporate sponsored events often have to spend huge amounts of money. Li Ning, Shanghai GM, GM (China), the farmer Springs, JLF, Qingdao Red Collar Dress as a partner in the Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee each company shall pay worth 10 million yuan in cash and goods, of whic Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale h no less cash to 90%. In contrast, very few Nike sponsorship of sports events, but it's brand exposure but never less than others. at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 12 paid $ 46.5 million of the company was named the official sponsors, including Adidas, Nike did not. At this time Nike has quietly bought up all the prominent position of Atlanta billboards advertise. According to executives at Nike had introduced work during the Olympic Games, Nike sponsored the national diving team swimwear, in fact, Nike does not produce swimwear, but to this end the temporary bought a factory. Indeed, sponsored by the Li Ning Company is also receiving awards won on the championship podium the eye, but many of the media confused the picture freeze beautiful moments in the athletes jumped into the water from the air, no doubt Nike prevailed. mention brand exposure, people deeper impression is Liu Xiang. In his gold medal the next day, the third day, the major media constantly replayed moment Liu Xiang, gold medal, and his feet magic of Nike shoes is carefully prepared. Nike brand exposure just a small part of all the work to maintain long-term contact with the athletes is much more important. athletes perfect planning case Nike public relations manager Li Yuan Wen original work at Nike headquarters, according to her, 16 buildings are the headquarters of the world's top athletes named. Office lobby displays photos of famous sports stars and trophies; each building on the promenade connecting walls hung with copper statue States Nike signed Players and Biography ...... "tour, visitors feel the pride of these sports is part of their life You will often see the stars move aroun jordans on sale online d in the office, they dine in the same restaurant with employees;.. the same gym, like family no staff asked them to autograph, "she said. Employees Nike sports marketing department to run around all day in a variety of training ground, can not wait to live together with the athletes. It is also able to identify what Nike excellence of the important reasons. In late May 2004, Nike put Michael? Johnson go to China, then Johnson Liu Xiang feeling in good shape, so Nike boldly develop programs based on this fact. The whole event from June to begin planning to begin in late July to promote, the Chinese team to Athens 10 days ago, began to introduce advertising. In addition to advertising, Nike also designed in Sina News Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, gold medal after 30 million people go browsing Liu Xiang's every move. While other companies are planning to make endorsements when Liu Xiang, Nike has been the first time provide a comprehensive understanding of the national audience, Liu Xiang's platform. Nike Pan Jianhua, director of the Greater China market, said this is just the opening and Liu Xiang relations. "Our long-term goal is to be able to represent Nike in 2008, Liu conveyed a voice. We are planning four years, which occur when Liu Xiang, he is not professional players, professional players can lay the league a few months. Nike must use appropriate point in time make him appear, and each occurrence has a different story. " classic Nike athletes closely when said Jordan, from 1985 and has already signed more than 20 years, 2005 Nike also go to China for the Jordan High School League champions award. In fact, many companies are also sponsoring Jordan, and consu jordan 3 katrina 2018 mers are very natural to think of Michael Jordan and Nike together. Pan Jianhua said that the work at Nike 10 years there is an important experience, sports business takes time. "Sport is the emotional nature of business, is that people's excitement, excitement, sadness and joy, and cultivate emotions like love, like, need to accumulate many domestic sponsorship is short-term, but this effect is almost zero, because consumers are very forgetful. If the company selected image associated with their motion, should serve as a long-term investment. "Like the company is now doing" celebrity training hall ", please world each year to China to teach the former Olympic champion, China's athletes guidance, not only a technical level, but also the level of competition mental preparation. Such a company is to maximize the use of existing resources. connotation five seconds outside of a girl in the school cafeteria to buy a piece of cake, she did throw the discus of action in the hands of the plate and threw it out, and then bite the one left in the hands of the cake. This is five seconds Nike ad campaign "at any time" in a segment, the advertising costs are very low, the concept you want to convey is: sports has been integrated into your life. What five seconds ad mean? General business tend to do their own image ad, shouted a slogan or even repeated three times, and Nike has a story. brand manager of Nike's Xu Ying in the company for three years. When it comes to brand strategy, she has been stressed that Nike is in creating and leading a culture. Xu Ying said that a few years ago no shoes Chinese culture. China is a big country clothing, it has always been a pair o cheap foamposites f shoes with a wide variety of clothes. The secret of Nike shoes to create a culture is to choose the right people to do the right thing. There were a number of children returning from abroad and ordinary people like to do some different things. Nike contact with them, to give them the performance in China. Nike shoes promote culture Another tip is to take full advantage of the power, there is a shoetalk (I'm crazy shoes) Forums Sina, users can tell the above story shoes, any brand of shoes can be discussed. consumer acceptance of the culture, to accept your brand fundamentally. Like the US or the UK football NBA has moved far beyond the scope of events, a campaign has become the country's carnival activities. "NBA is a very systematic system, the entertainment, competition, factors stars any one industry contained perfect presentation in front of you." Pan Jianhua said. National High School League Nike in China has been held for several years. Last year, Nike launched the "Alliance concept" and proposed to do YouthCulture (youth culture). Xu Ying said: "There is only one basketball championship, but there are many in YouthCulture can dunk champion may be the best, the best comic strip can also be the most dazzling cheerleader ...... We started construction of the platform. Upon completion, we decided to start the promotion of culture. Only those who have the ability to influence culture to popular. We launched 'Warriors Union' last year, you want to tell the children not only need to have their own style, but also need to have an alliance behind you to help you cheer, you write articles, painting posters Shijiazhuang have a player has organized more than 1,0 air jordan 11 space jam for sale 00 people, the Internet got 5000 votes. Only a cultural identity, will have a very big effect. " Nike employees say they at the streets of Beijing to interview the children, they say, Nike really understand them. Nike affecting the children in their very early age was deeply lay imprint brand that affect their lives.The movement fashion design will be the perfect design and outdoor street spindle function and a combination of IGNITE Limitless Hi Tech and Extreme Hi after exposure will make shoes fans eyes bright, while PUMA is also invited to the Canadian singer The Weeknd as a spokesperson, really hard to resist! The day before, again for an additional five brand new color, waterproof plastic shoes crafted, and in squares support plate and nylon elastic belt on both sides of the package, while the bottom is made of fiber reinforced support force, finally into the super bounce back in the bottom of the best techniques to create comfort and energy rebound. puma-IGNITE-Limitless-011.jpg (310.42 KB, download number: 15) download PUMA IGNITE Limitless 2017 spring and summer series 2017-1-28 09:14 upload puma-IGNITE-Limitless-031.jpg (442.84 KB, download number: 15) download PUMA IGNITE Limitless 2017 spring and summer series 2017-1-28 09:14 upload puma-IGNITE-Limitless-041.jpg (278.54 KB, download number: 15) download PUMA IGNITE Limitless 2017 spring and summer series 2017-1-28 09:14 upload puma-IGNITE-Limitless-051.jpg (290.08 KB, download number: 12) download PUMA IGNITE Limitless 2017 spring and summer series 2017-1-28 09:14 upload puma-IGNITE-Limitless-061.jpg (289.53 KB, download number: 14) download PUMA IGNITE Limitless 2017 spring jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black and summer series 2017-1-28 09:14 upload puma-IGNITE-Limitless-071.jpg (294.44 KB, download number: 13) 0Time: 2007-09-29 08:31 source: Chinese shoes Network Author: Chinese shoes: click on the ancient Silk Road to Oriental silk and ceramics to Venice, Oriental Art sensation of the western world, to further promote the development of Western civilization. Today, the Italian will bring exquisite shoe-making skills and the high-end strategy of the footwear market development, and the Chinese footwear industry elite to explore the fashion development of footwear industry, explore the "fashion retail" mystery. The shoe is the market competition, the ancient Silk Road to Oriental silk and ceramics to Venice, Oriental Art sensation of the western world, to further promote the development of Western civilization. Today, the Italian will bring exquisite shoe-making skills and the high-end strategy of the footwear market development, and the Chinese footwear industry elite to explore the fashion development of footwear industry, explore the "fashion retail" mystery. Recently, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the Beijing market sales of luggage goods quality sampling, sampling unqualified bags 22... This afternoon, BELLE officially delisted 2 10000 stores today (July 27th) decide on what path to follow at 16 in the afternoon, the former "shoe king" BELLE officially revoked International Exchange listing status in Hongkong. Hundred... Dust settles! BELLE privatized, but 2% of the opposition passed! Today (July 17th), BELLE (01880) the court held meeting and special meeting of shareholders on the privatization program in Jinjiang for 30 years... Th buy cheap jordans online e day: remember, de Erhui xdlong, Kim Levin over the past 30 years, Jinjiang from the southeast coast of Fujian fishing village into "Chinese shoes", the birth of hundreds of sporting goods... Vietnam footwear exports $8 billion 800 million an increase of 18.4% according to the Vietnam Bureau of statistics statistics 2015 September last year, Vietnam exports a total amount of about $14 billion 200 million, a decrease of 1.9 compared to August... Dongguan shoe factory thousands of employees strike official intervention on the 5 day, Guangdong Dongguan largest shoe factory - Windsor shoe factory for thousands of people questioned in the temporary industry standard for more than 10 years... Chinese domain name: Chinese. Asia Footwear website QQ:83331021 online MSN:afnhk@live.cn Copyright 2006 -2011, www.afnhk.com, All, Rights, Reserved copyright all Asian footwear information network Email: afnhk@126.com as air jordan 4 series of luxury in the third paragraph color, air jordan 4 retro Premium & quot; Obsidian" a upon exposure to concern, upper suture technique used is similar to the senior purses or luxury car interior process, just as in the preceding two paragraphs, heel and a shoe buckle at the same use metal decorative elements, its sense of luxury upgrade again, and the soles of the shoes is unified with the white, slightly lack of sincerity. Air Jordan 4 Retro Premium " Obsidian" time: June 2016 color: Obsidian - white - copper number: 819139-030price: $400 (forecast) Source: solecollector has always been to creative design is known STAYREAL continue to seek innovation and breakthrough, to further integrate the international fashion trend, this cooperation Retro jordans for sale tentacles extend to the streets of Japan, invited to shoes joint prestigious Japanese tide shoes shop brand atmos work together, stirring up an unprecedented tide creative spark! The STAYREAL x atmos joint series by STAYREAL two chefs Ashin and No2Good common hands plotting, after repeatedly went to Japan to visit and exchange, both brands for fashion idea, dolls, shoes design and street wear build idea have exactly the same good tacit understanding, and therefore decided to will common fashion philosophy transforms for the wonderful visual show STAYREAL and Atmos brand multiplication of fashion attitude. STAYREAL x atmos joint series uses the atmos most important exclusive classic camouflage element into STAYREAL brand represents the pentagram, create a new unique star tidal camouflage totem goods including tide T, baseball caps and rabbit doll, meet consumers pursuit of unique and limited sense. All series in January 15, 2016 in Tokyo, Taipei, Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other important Asian cities listed simultaneously, consumers like STAYREAL and Atmos must not be missed! source: atmosinto the East never Knight still momentum is fierce, won the high morale in the first game yesterday against Toronto in Cleveland, James scored 24 points hanging opponent successfully first. He also changed to a new pair of LeBron 13 Elite PE, bright eye color to make his feet bright! Kyrie Irving: Nike Kyrie DeMar DeRozan: Nike Zoom Iman Tristan Thompson: Nike Zoom LeBron Channing Frye: Nike Cory Joseph: Nike Zoom LeBron Delon Wright: Under Armour Curry& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] PUMA jordans on sale mens PUMA today announced a new Italian national team home and away jersey, which home shirt will debut this week against Spain in a friendly match. Volfango Bondi PUMA Europe general manager with the Italian Football Association vice chairman Albertini, the Italian coach Prandelli, Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon, Chiellini and ????? players for the New Jersey unveiled. PUMA and the Italian Football Federation issued together with the New Jersey "Celebrating shirts" tour. Blues in the World Cup final wearing the 23 home jersey will parade major Italian cities, including Milan, Naples and Rome, fans can show their support for the national team in this event. shirt design was inspired by the Italian tradition of hand heritage workshops. Shirts chosen personal design, collar and skirts are tailored design with intricate lines these details extremely dazzling. Tailored texture team logo, unique design inspiration from the Italian Football Federation font traditional Italian craftsmanship. Puma jersey design uses innovative technology PWR ACTV. This technology is the first to market with the use of a compression garment movement within the strip technology. ACTV home and away jersey stickers are intentionally placed in the clothes, it can play on the skin micro-massage effect, helping athletes to play the best level, and to the athletes muscles to faster and more efficient energy supply. captain Gianluigi Buffon said. "I was impressed with New Jersey, gave me a really strong sense of Italian design. PUMA PWR ACTV stickers science and technology to ensure that our body can best play. Jersey National Parade can make the fans to show their support for us, really cheap air jordans a good idea. At the end of the parade, we'll carries the support of the fans went to Brazil, I believe our performance will make Italy proud. " striker Balotelli said, "The World Cup is full of challenges, but we represent the entire country, we will make the world of Italian fans proud of us. Jersey parade idea is great, the fans show support, faith and passion will inspire us to fight. I hope the fans can come to Italy 'celebrating shirts' parade to show their support. " PUMA Volfango Bondi European general manager, said, "We have to work together with the Italian Football Federation, developed such a design and function are consistent with World Cup requirements. PUMA PWR ACTV technology is our latest innovation in technology, implanted jersey This technology will enhance the strength of the players, helping them to perform better on the lawn of Brazil. For a long time, we are eager to be able to use this technology on the national team, we will soon see this technology The benefits of the Italian national team to glory with Puma went to Brazil with the support, we believe that they can get huge success "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Famous net global fashion brand shoes Network & nbsp; shoe)Pigalle x Nike 2014 Spring Preview 2014-05-06 22:48:33 joint series after Riccardo Tisci, before Nike has teamed up French fashion brand Pigalle, launched a new joint planning. The two sides in terms of still choose shoes Air Force 1 for the design blueprint, the series are basketball theme running through them, Pigalle mastermind Stephane Ashpool revealed that he grew interested in basketball, the team has also became a professional player in Paris. In addition to the shirts and shorts, the series also includes high and low to help two AF1, shoe uppers Fades old texture of the show, and equipped with a translucent outsole, the outsole also injected a unique symbol to be decorated , giving a unique old beauty. world's fastest man Usain Bolt and PUMA together, "detonate" New York 2015-02-12 13:53:55 ? World's fastest man Usain Bolt today to attend the world's leading sports brand PUMA running shoes IGNITE spring conference. Many runners starting from the day gathered in Times Square New York landmarks, wearing running shoes IGNITE latest test run on a treadmill, PUMA ever experience the most "energy feedback" (Energy Return) running shoes. Runners energy released by the feet continue to accumulate during the test run, all night until after the release of energy to reach orgasm, instant light several iconic Times Square outdoor LED screen. At this moment, trapeze Bolt wearing IGNITE officially unveiled the latest PUMA Running technology demonstration to consumers around the world. PUMA IGNITE development process lasted nine years, the innovative use of technology to make the foam IGNITE become the most remarkable resilience PUMA running shoes products. IGNITE tech bubble with unprecedented resilience foam, both comfort and excellent abrasion resistance. ForEverFoam foam structure at the heel of the industry's first to see the innovation and technology, enhance maximize wear running shoes. IGNITE energy performance feedback vitality your feet thoroughly awakened, detonated unlimited potential. The magnificent conference in terms of the fastest Usain Bolt also has a special significance. In 2008 for the first time broke the men's 100 meters world record, Bolt has appeared in New York's Times Square to celebrate the glory of the game to get. Since then his professional sports career officially set sail, five consecutive world record and won 14 times the world's major gold medal track and field events, this record still unmatched. Bolt said, "I like the grand scene activities, PUMA IGNITE this conference is to make my eyes. New York runners starting from day continuous run in the cold for several hours, they put on running shoes IGNITE energy released is gradually accumulated. gather energy scales gradually increased under many runners efforts to reach the highest point after the release of a powerful energy that moment in Times Square was lit LED giant screen with gorgeous fireworks across the night sky, the more attractive the New York scene in this city that never sleeps. I am very happy to be able to go back to New York, the city I have very fond memories, it always makes me amazing. "Turning to new The PUMA IGNITE running shoes, he continued, "I really like IGNITE running shoes, usually wearing running shoes that training can obviously feel superior resilience, whether it is explosive or all-round comfort starting moment, I really feel your feet the potential and vitality was completely awakened. "Meanwhile, PUMA and trapeze Bolt also challenge the runners 10 cities worldwide, as the first stop in Tokyo, Japan, will be introduced in other global cities in a series of runners activities. For more information please visit www.puma.com.cn & nbsp; Reebok Classic 2015 NBA All-Star package exposure 2015-02-05 12:30:54 In the 2015 All-Star is approaching, Reebok launched by the two pairs of classic shoes selection composed all-star package. Set by the Reebok Question and Reebok The Blast composition. Question Iverson classic shoes with a simple black and white color, from white leather uppers and black suede components. And The Blast is Originality in the shoes outside of using a different color, the inside of the shoes use black and red color, white and blue color the outside is used, and this year's All-Star jersey color echoes. It is reported that this package will be officially on sale on February 13, offering more details, please sustained attention. New Balance ML996DGY new color release 2014-10-31 15:57:13 New Balance 996 classic shoes in recent years, after much renovation and innovation. New Balance is Ganso recent version of the 996 introduced a new color. Shoes using excellent materials with, these shoes use punching, suede, leather and shoe making body 3M reflective material, and spend gray and black as the main colors, people feel brand new. This is double the US production is now 996 shops for sale in a foreign country, there is no domestic sale information. & nbsp;10.Dwight Howard (2008) Adidas TS Pro Model 9.Blake Griffin (2011) Nike Air Max Fly By8.Nate Robinson (2009) Nike Foamposite Lite " KryptoNate" 7.Kobe Bryant (1997) Adidas EQT ElevationDee Brown (1991) Reebok Pump Omni Zone II5.Spud Webb (1986) PONY City Wings 4.Dominique Wilkins (1985) BrooksErving Converse (1976) Pro Leather3.JuliusJordan Michael (1988) Jordan Air 3 "" CementCarter 1.Vince (2000) AND 1 ChiTaisource: solecollector

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