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looks UNIQLO? Their development strategy is quietly changing.

Pharrell and Adidas Originals in cooperation, today launched the Supercolor Superstar Pack series of shoes, their classic shell shoes Superstar extended to 50 colors to choose from. Well, you're right, 50 colors, each color, from deep to shallow, they almost dye all the colors that you can think of. This product visual display reminds us of UNIQLO, Tod or s, "well, and so on the rainbow lined up brand. "Supercolor" is because of the diversity of equal carnival, with 50 colors of Superstar, everyone can choose their favorite color." Pharrell, the avant-garde, bold artist, says, "every color is equal, and whatever color you choose, you're going to be part of Supercolor." Previously, Pharrell and Adidas have cooperated with Stan Smith Tennis Pack and Stan Smith Polka Dot Pack series, which are popular styles of Adidas home.

Adidas's current development strategy is almost everything centered on speed. In the face of their competitors, it is also the world's first sports brand Nike, they seem to have been a bit neither fast nor slow also some worry. This Thursday, they issued a statement, is expected to 2020, their annual profit growth rate will remain at 15%, while the profit sharing will be from the current 20% to 40%, up to 30% to - 50%.

"our strategy is based on speed, concentration and openness," said Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer. "So we're going to accelerate growth and give shareholders high returns."."

in the world, Adidas is currently still in the sports brand second place, and in Herbert Hainer in Adidas for 15 years, is the most difficult year in May last year: they fell 38% in the North American market, and even lost to Under Armour, fell to third place.

and Adidas have been criticized for speed issues, and the rapid response and product launch has been the strength of Nike. In Thursday's statement, Adidas said they were going to be with consumers, athletes

The last sentence left by the first page of the Liu silk notebook

"I have a little pain in my stomach." This is the last sentence of the 14 year old girl in class 69 in the fourth middle school of Qiyang County in the world.

in the afternoon of November 26, 2015, in the first few minutes of physical education, Liu Si ran down for 150 meters on the school playground, and suddenly fell down, and soon there was no vital signs.

more than 10 minutes later, the school teacher and immediately came to the parents of the parents sent Liu Si to the nearest township hospital, the doctor announced Liu Si died.

parents can not accept this result, collapse, once the child remains moved to the school gate for claim.

schools believe that sudden death of children belongs to their own physical aspects, and the school has not been mismanaged.

both sides are deadlocked on the issue of compensation. The incident was quickly fermented by the media.

then, what happened to Liu Si at the end of his life? Why would she suddenly fall to the ground and die unexpectedly? Is there a real fault in the school?

: the Liu Si day period to run on

every Thursday afternoon, eighth classes, is Liu Si's 69 class of physical education time. At 16:45, the more than 50 year old PE teacher once saved the job in the playground. The boy was led by him to run the 800 meter race, and the girls first jog along the 400 meter track and field, and then test rope skipping at the stadium.
"The weather was a bit cold, but it wasn't raining and windy, and it was a good fit for outdoor sports,"

Ceng Jianmin said, we have two P.E. classes a week in each class of the third grade, 69 class for the first time in PE classes on Tuesday and Tuesday, at the end of the class, he will notice the Thursday sports course content, at the same time, Jianmin had confessed note: can run, can not run the report.

at that time, there are two girls because of physical discomfort Jianmin had to leave, and approved. Then, once Jianmin organization of the male students in outdoor basketball field 800 meters before the test preparation, while girls group where Liu Si began laps around the playground.

jogging is also a common preparatory exercise. He once said that before running, he didn't find anything different from Liu Si. Liu Si himself didn't ask him for any leave request.

, however, Liu Si's classmate Xiao Yang told reporters, before departure, Liu Si told her that they have their periods, feeling a little pain in the stomach.

as the team started, Liu Si joined the running camp. While a late starting and running because behind Liu Si classmate Xiaowen said she saw Liu Siyue run more slowly, soon left behind. To the corner of the playground, that is, about 150 meters of position in Liu Si's departure, Liu Si's leg suddenly turned, a stall of the body >

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