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10 suggestions for the runners.
runs too much, whether you feel confused or not, and don't know what it is for you to run, listen to the following tips to help you find the joy of sports.

1, don't go! The pain stops

running is an endurance exercise. Long time exercise leads to fatigue, and fatigue is often more prone to injury. When running, don't hold your mind, appear when the body unwell, it is actually a protest to you, do not advocate running slightly fewer than FireWire, ignoring minor aches and pains will make you pay a heavy price.

2, skip warm-up? No

some impatient runners love for equipment directly run, although one can avoid the harm, if such a long time, such as cramps, pain and other problems will often Achilles to visit your body.

no matter how long you run, full warm-up is very important. You can choose to walk in step by step, start at the beginning, then go for a walk, and finally activate all joints so that you can greatly reduce the probability of running injury.

3, do not run on the empty stomach

says they can't do strenuous exercises within two hours after meals, but now they run too early in running competitions, and runners do not eat breakfast, but running on empty stomach also do not advocate.

, fasting morning running affects the stomach and intestines, especially the damage to the stomach. After a night's metabolism, many organs are in an unfavorable state. They are in urgent need of replenishment of energy and nutrients. Fasting morning running makes the stomach irritated and aggravates the burden of the stomach.

recommends that runners use 300-500 calories as a supplement to carbohydrates.

4, don't be obsessed with
, of course, people are pursued, and the runners are more. Standing on the starting line, we all want to be able to create a personal best performance (PB).

's pursuit is good, but every time you are forced to finish it, you lose the pleasure of running. Running is a process of enjoyment. Don't care about your finishing time, and run with the most comfortable rhythm.

survey shows that last year, five sudden death cases of Marathon took place in the last 4 kilometers of the race, so it would rather slow three minutes and never run faster than one second. The fate is coming, PB will be able to achieve it.

5, strict implementation of the plan? Learn to relax
runners usually make strict training plans, but it is not advisable to carry out the reckless, and learning to give up is the philosophy of the door.
argument no longer unchanged, Wuwangbufu transport planning, it is difficult to predict the weather, physical and other objective factors, the clever runners have to be flexible, to make appropriate changes.

6, win at the starting point? Don't go too hard at the start of the run


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