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draws inspiration from the past and creates a way of the future. In order to agility players to create the ultimate weapon, Adidas to explore the war, dance and sports in common use of bandage method to improve physical and mental strength, the development of the latest Adidas football boots Nemeziz, designed for game players with the most flexible and agile can.
The new
Nemeziz boots designed for players of the game is the most agile design, inspired by bandage to improve stability and agility. In order to be able to play at their best, they need to be able to provide support and excellent adaptability, good safety perfect boots, factors in the manufacture of Nemeziz when these requirements is also a priority.
Adidas has introduced multiple design features to ensure that these requirements are top performance.
. The unique AGILITYBANDAGE using a revolutionary TORSIONTAPES technology, not only can lock the foot, and bring the ultimate fit and comfortable wearing experience, at the same time, the double lock tongue can ensure the ankle on standby to explosive change line.
TORSIONFRAME outsole uses an ultra light structure, while the TORSIONFRAME provides push support, which is a key feature of agile movement. The new AGILITYKNIT 2 inner lock knit fabric features a soft, direct touch and ultra light adaptive dressing experience.
Nemeziz has also introduced small sums and street money in order to ensure that athletes can receive the same agility support on any occasion.
. With the same field boots by TORSIONTAPES and AGILITYKNIT 2, in the small field and street in the game players also have a vigorous tool to support his agility.

·, Rio Messi (Leo; Messi) will be the first in the Nemeziz in the king's Cup final in May 27th, he said in the evaluation of this pair of boots: "destruction is a part of my game. A player must make a formidable destructive attack by his opponent, and the sooner the better. In order to achieve this, you must believe at the foot of the boots and agility, so as to achieve rapid movement and adjustment. For my game, this pair of boots for perfection."

Adidas football design vice president Sam · Handy (Sam Handy) said: "for Adidas football, we design inspiration is back to help us far into the future, this theory was also used for the design of Nemeziz. The theory of roll wrapping and bandage tying is not a new idea. It appeared on some of our classic products and other fields, such as martial arts. This theory has been extended for generations. Our design for Nemeziz is based on the idea of coiling, supporting relationships with agility, >

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Yao Ming works

is going to run · the 24 hour City relay race is to use running as a series, releasing the pressure you have accumulated in your work. These 24 hours are not just running, but more like a big party. During this time, you can camp in the field, engage in social networking and make some new friends. Yao Ming yesterday received an exclusive interview with our reporter, so he explained so much about his Zhonghui International Sports Management Co., Ltd., sponsored by the Nansha gymnasium in Guangzhou, China Life ·, 2016, to run ·, 24 hour relay race. At 3 yesterday afternoon, the runners who had gone through the day and night ran over the finish line with full enthusiasm. There were a total of more than 70 thousands of runners running from Christmas Eve to Christmas for 24 hours.

, "this activity has been very good in Beijing and Shanghai in the past two years. This time, I am very happy to bring it to Guangzhou Nansha, hoping to bring different experiences to Guangzhou's runners." Yao Ming said, "no matter what stars are coming to" platform ", I think the most important thing is to win everyone's attention and participation by the service and reputation of matches.

running can also play "group warfare"

Yao Ming said, "I think running is also social. People can't take running, exercising and healthy body as the only goal, because if you just run 1.5 horses or full horses, you can't run and chat with others. And 24 hours is more like a casual party. On Christmas day, this very popular holiday, you choose to run and share with friends who also like sports and running, and enjoy the happiness of festivals.

in addition to the Christmas theme track layout and Christmas equipment, "China Life · 2016 to run · 24 hour City relay race" Guangzhou Railway Station Organizing Committee on Christmas Eve, for you running friends carefully prepared a wonderful Christmas party. Santa Claus leads the deer to the running Camp Camp area, giving out runners, candy and other gourmet to the runners, giving you all kinds of gifts such as Christmas antlers, fluorescent hairpins and so on. The Adou Ki band, the Chinese new song, the excellent student of the Na Ying team, Zhou Yang, was singing the song for the runners on the center stage.

studies how to let teenagers "run"

Yao Ming is not an avid runners, his knees, players in the occupation career have experienced different ankle injuries, which makes him unfit for engaged in running this kind of exercise, I usually exercise will generally choose to swim, ride a bike, most of the time in the afternoon exercise."

in fact, currently active runners are mostly professionals or students, but the enthusiasm of students to participate in large-scale sports activities is not high, we hold a 24 hour relay in Beijing and Shanghai, most adults are running, at the age of twenty or thirty, I think we usually in life and work in May, "

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