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after a year of waiting, Adidas finally launched a dedicated signature Harden Vol.1 for James Harden, a minimalist shoe design that has won many shoe fans. This pair of "13 Below Zero" released the latest color, inspired by JH's "Shadowstep" and creativity, while the design is used to the white Christmas grey Primeknit material production, "psychedelic" collocation fringe detail enhancement visual effect, while JH can be "frozen" to trick the defender with the whole foot, BOOST midsole can provide sufficient energy feedback. It is reported that this pair of shoes will be on sale in December 20th, priced at $160 U. S. dollars.
Adidas in China directly under the withdrawal of factories, Anta sports brand performance decline, sporting goods industry suffered inventory crisis...... Media reports in recent days have shown all sorts of crises in the shoe market. In the background of increasing cost of living and tight consumer money, the lack of market recognized private brands also indicates that China's footwear market is experiencing many difficulties.

however, this has not hit the enthusiasm and determination of enterprises, Nuggets, footwear market, there is still a part of the smell sensitive enterprises to find a new breakthrough in development. Visit the shopping malls in major cities will find that children's shoes brand has become a new weapon for these businesses to attract gold.
according to the Parco brand children's shoes only hold join charm of the wealth of the top
summit to help
industry also believes that the children's industry is not only high profits, but also can promote the growth of related industries consumption, is a huge market profits of a special industry. However, the huge profits are bound to follow the competition and challenges, and the potential of children's shoes market is no exception.
In the face of the expanding consumer market for children, many businesses have been plunged into a vicious circle of homogenization competition in order to gain rich market share in
. In order to get rid of homogenization competition, shoes enterprises and markets are gradually showing new trends and changes.
When the
children's consumer market has become the major shopping malls counters to compete for the new battlefield, the author found that Shanghai Folaida child products Co Ltd in Parco brand shoes, with its unique design concept and rich connotation of the brand, to become a leading market new trend can not be ignored the backbone.

Shanghai Folaida children's products Co., Ltd. is a development, production and operation of enterprises as a whole entity, according to Bai but its pushing for a high-end brand shoes, adhering to the "children are our design principles for a lifetime career, comfort and beauty products in a gathering body.

in order to protect the child's feet from abuse, as well as to meet the children's shoes with foot and the law of growth and development and other functions, in the Parco children's shoes are mostly made of high quality leather, sheepskin, pigskin shoe as raw materials, with several times higher than that of the adult footwear products to create high quality fine workmanship.
According to
's Parco process for the production of its superb technology, exquisite appearance and reliable, truly meet the market requirements of high quality and inexpensive. For a long time, it is according to the Parco adhering to the "quality, credibility, weight about service" business philosophy, won the majority of consumers fans.

after several years of healthy and stable development, now in Parco brand children's shoes brand has rooted in many well-known good products in the high-end shopping malls, more and more consumers favor and love. Such outstanding children's shoes brand naturally attracted many agents to join.

in order to enable more people to experience the charm of the brand in the Parco, to provide a better business environment for the majority of agents, "

Experts teach you to say no to "run boring"

etiquette expert Liz · Bobst is the United States in 1920s the famous etiquette queen Emily · Bobst great granddaughter, she was also a runner. So people often ask her about the rules and etiquette of running. Recently, a runner asked her: what if your friends are always chattering about how boring it is to run? Her answer is: not to respond in an insulting way is a better way to deal with it.

, in fact, we all should have felt the same situation: when meeting friends and family, there are always some "unappetizing" people who are constantly chatting about the bad words of people or things you like. For example, the stars you like are playing big cards, your favorite brand is not good, and of course, "running is really TM boring!" And so on.

what would you do at this time? Stand up and argue? Turn a deaf ear to hurt? Is unpopular in the heart revenge? It doesn't sound like it sounds well! Or look at the answer of the etiquette expert!

Liz says she really dislikes the person herself. "Sometimes it's better to ignore such comments or avoid this conversation. Depending on your emotions, you can change the topic to continue to chat - or you may want to make your point of view. For example, "in fact, I found that running gave me time to think and make my mind clearer." or "running", I felt like I was in an action movie. It keeps everything fresh! '

, of course, you can also talk about joys or interesting topics about running -- as long as you don't make insulting comments on others' comments, you may get good results or at least cancel negative conversations.

finally, Liz also told a true story: "every time I go out or run on time or run on time, I pretend that I am taking an action movie. Sometimes it's interesting to think of running as something else. I don't do this often, but it can give me extra energy and challenge! Is it exciting to wear great equipment and jump off a special rock in the rain? "

the next time you meet this kind of person, try Liz's way. Maybe you can pull one more person and start running again.

(Sina running moonlight)
scavenging is concerned about Sina running, and all you want is here.

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