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With the gradual release of Adidas J Wall 2 series, the voice of people sought after is also increasingly high, and today brought this new color matching can also be called a "blockbuster" bomb". The shoe to create the main vamp and purple black collocation of decorative details create a mysterious atmosphere, shoes side add a "blood red" is with a sense and luminous big background, the overall impression of a "energy-saving" people feel that fit in with hair standing on end, wal game like assassins straight take the enemy's "heart" overbearing.

learned that the shoes will be sold in the near future, like friends may wish to continue to pay attention to it.
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Scientific running can avoid knee injuries

leads: from the hot degree of marathon, people who are keen on running are more and more. Wait, before you start this year's running, there's something you must pay attention to - protect your knees. Source of content:
, a friend of health
from the fire degree of marathon, more and more people keen on running, jump to think of joining the running ranks are also starting to buy shoes warm up. Wait, before you start this year's running, there's something you must pay attention to - protect your knees.

run like this, the knee must be unable to bear the
knee injury and the running can not be called inspirational
1, treadmill run out of time
Compared with outdoor running,
running on treadmill belongs to passive running, and it is not easy to control the body posture when feet are landing. It is more likely to damage than outdoor. Long and intense running on the treadmill, for example, some girls are pursuing weight loss for 2 hours, and the knee pressure is bigger.

2, run in the wrong way, run

, outside the eight character, on tiptoe, around the uneven force...... Is your running position right? The correct posture is the key to avoid sports injury, the running posture is wrong, and the knee will hurt naturally. A survey from "health 24" in South Africa showed that nearly six adults were related to knee injury and running posture. "Excessive varus" is the primary reason, that is, if you have serious internal rotation, it will be easy to recruit.

3 and fast running

heard that the increasing slope can increase consumption, so you pick those while uphill downhill road for a while, or in the fight speed would be eighteen bending Mountain Park road. Frequent downhill and fast turning can have an extra impact on the knees, especially downhill running, and the impact on the knee is much larger than that of flat and upslope.

4, big weight and strong run

sees big weight fat girls running hard, and they really hurt them! Can the knees suffer even if the willpower is caught? Each increase of 1 kilograms of weight, the knee should bear more 1.5~4.5 kilograms of pressure, anxious to lose weight also run hard, knee must be overwhelmed. The standard of "big weight"? When the BMI index [BMI= weight (kg) / height (m) square is greater than 26, it is prudent.

5, motivational sister to run

runs 10 kilometers on Monday night, 5 kilometers on Tuesday morning exercise, 8 kilometers in the evening, 10 kilometers on Wednesday, and a weekend plan to hit 15 kilometers... The amount of running on Nike Running stunned the guys! If you don't want to be an athlete, you really don't have to run so much, and we all know the reason that excessive exercise hurts the body. Of course, it also includes the knee.

5 good habits away from the knee >

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