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1. use the shortcut key (hotkey Hot key)
, more than 80% of female friends think that men with shortcuts are handsome, while 78% of men think that girls' shortcuts are a sign of wisdom, which is why we have been publishing articles about Mac shortcuts.

source: martin
2. does not shut down
many of my first contact Mac friends would raise this question, and I would say to them, "is your cell phone usually off?" Now the computer technology is very good, there is no need to shutdown. "I once met a business proposal to our company. I hope we can advertise on them, because the other party claims to be a professional Mac media, too. As soon as we sat down, I watched him pull out his Mac and press Power to boot...

right now I know who's more professional. (the mystery of the sound: not only good computer running out of power.)

does not turn off, please switch to sleep instead!

source: Brett Jordan
3. knows how to pull a web page down in a "drag and drop" way
is still pressing the right button to save the picture, and the Mac can also grab the picture directly inside Keynote and make a brief presentation. This function is actually Windows, too, but I don't know why it's rarely used.

? 4. go to the coffee shop and never touch the mouse
every time in Starbucks saw those strange people (especially the mouse mouse pad has its own), I would like to say that he came up with the touch panel Mac how well: come on, give yourself a chance to re recognize the touchpad to

image source: Death to the Stock Photo
5. changes the default program on the Dock
default Dock my Dock

my Dock on the right side is because it is a wide screen, on the left and right sides of the space is very important, but more extra space, so it also put Dock OK, but my Dock are hidden, it will show the fixed press Command-Option-D switch.
6. knows how to set a screen hotspot (or use trackpad gestures)
hotspot settings allow you to quickly switch between windows and desktops. But I am afraid most people borrow my computer, accidentally touched my set of hot spots, after all. But I got used to it, and I tried to explain to the other person what the Mac hot spot was, but it was a pity that no one had ever understood it. can be used to set the hot touch pad and mouse, is pushing >
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