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in the summer of 2013 struck, the NBA playoffs is about to open the curtain, as the official partner of the NBA NBA, Adidas to bring a series of NBA products again for Chinese basketball fans, let the passion on the basketball court. The Adidas and NBA jointly launched the NBA series of products will give fans more choice, which is popular in recent years, the cartoon T-shirts, players culture T-shirt, T-shirt and shirt department team culture. As the players enter the music, the cheers are heard, and the playoffs are about to ignite.

Adidas this time NBA star and cartoon character fusion, let t shirt looks no longer monotonous, in showing sports passion at the same time, add a cute cute style in which. This is a total of 6 NBA cartoon character t-shirts for you to choose from. Including Derek Ross, Dwyne · Wade, · Blake · Griffon this single figures, and like the Losangeles Lakers, Boston Celtic, Ohio horse thunder team this combination of figures. These stars will undoubtedly wear T-shirts, black frame glasses and baseball caps to show their style on t-shirts. Now you can choose your favorite Q star pattern T-shirt, on the court to sprinkle your sports energy, you can also show your style in the field. Different colors of T-shirts not only represent different teams, but also show different styles, purple blurred, red passion, green comfortable, you want to know what these NBA players like to listen to music? What headphones do you use? So, go to the Adidas store around you and find the answer!

in the launch of the NBA passion character series, Adidas NBA star in the arena passion instantly transplanted to the team theme color as the main color t-shirt. Not only does it visually show your favorite NBA team and star, but it also allows you to feel the passion of the NBA culture and bring it into your own routine. Kobe ·, the launch of the series will have a passion character T-shirt of the Losangeles Lakers; Bryant, Derek of the Chicago bulls · Ross, Ma Ohio thunder's Kevin · Durant Nicks and New York's Cameron · Anthony. Choose the passion T-shirt, wear headphones, go to the stadium to show your favorite NBA star passion moment!

in the launch of the NBA Adidas pattern T-shirt series, you can also find your unique charm of style t-shirt. In a low-key but not be adjusted NBA pattern on a T-shirt with the team name and Logo, special effects with the subject's black collocation style font for basketball fans to wear on the body, walk in front of the trend, the font color at the same time the team Logo and team colors which can let the people around you right at a glance team. Now you can choose your favorite NBA cartoon T-shirt on the golf course

[network] summer shoes, whether you are still searching for a favorite slippers trouble? According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on May 22nd, the Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata recently launched a Fondue magic shoes, light and comfortable, and the feet completely fit.

when Satsuki saw people invading vegetables into melted cheese, he produced the inspiration for designing Fondue slippers. This kind of shoes to live as a model by foot, PVC material high temperature sintering, so perfectly fit the foot shape and is extremely thin, users can make their own at home, a few minutes to fix, you can choose different colors.

but so far, this kind of shoe is only suitable for indoor wear. Because Satsuk hasn't found a way to let the soles of the shoe not pierce through the hard stuff. But Satsuk believes he'll soon come up with a solution to the problem. At that time, people could show beautiful foot contours in public places.

(global shoe network sunny editor)

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