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Unique design combines inspiration from Messi's childhood completely, and mirosar10 reflects the beginning of Messi's legend. Mirosar10's orange represents the first club he joined, and green represents tough competitors. When Messi was a child, he scored four goals in the first 11 games of his life. In the boots on the inner bottom is printed with a map of Rosario, this is Messi in love with Argentina town. The most prominent part of the map is the map through the camp Stadium (Batalló n pitch), it is an abandoned military base, when Messi's childhood often a hole in the fence slipped into the base, and the partners in a football game.
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sports bracelet is a wearable smart device. The bracelet users can record everyday exercise, sleep and diet in real-time data, and these data are synchronized by mobile phone APP and other forms, to guide the movement through the data and monitor the health of the role.

now SPORTS BRACELET function more and more abundant. By combining with the use of APP mobile phone, for most runners, in many situations, sports bracelet can even replace the professional stopwatch, it has been more and more runners accepted, see the quality of sleep, competition step, convenient SPORTS BRACELET every runner.

yesterday, glory play Bracelet A2 officially released in Beijing, Sina has got a batch of equipment, is now recruiting runners for public test, the application conditions are as follows:

1, the provisions of the action: concern Sina running WeChat account (sinarunning), running in WeChat, Sina background reply key words "assessment", to obtain specific rules!

2, bonus action: awards, personal experience, links sent to WeChat background. Test ideas will be sent to WeChat background.

3, the application time to May 31st at 12 o'clock, the list of judges will also be released on the same day WeChat push!

bracelet features list:

big screen, follow the heart

A2 Bracelet glory smooth play 0.96 inch screen, the screen can be said to be in the mainstream bracelet the same price in the largest, full screen support multi-point control screen using OCA fit the whole process more convenient, touch, touch more smooth, bright screen, left wrist wrist lifting screen details more prominent side of humanity.

exercise, follow

A2 is a glory play bracelet can continue to monitor the heart rate of the bracelet, built a high sensitive and low power rate chip, intelligent algorithm used can make the data more accurate heart rate. In this way, the user can see the intensity of the heart rate corresponding to the motion in real time, so as to adjust the motion state according to the situation at any time, and improve the efficiency of movement.

sleep, follow

the importance of sleep for people living in a high paced, stressful environment is beyond doubt. There are times when you can't sleep well and make your health glow. At this time, we have a smart bracelet that can detect sleep to track our sleep patterns, thereby identifying problems and solving them to achieve better quality of sleep. Glory play Bracelet A2 using high precision algorithm combined with sleep, heart rate module, can realize the deep sleep, light sleep, awake three states.

durable heart

need to wear a whole day, and adapt to various sports environment smart wristbands, no point waterproof function, how can I do? Glory play Bracelet A2 supports IP67 waterproof, that is to say, usually wash so there is no need to sweat off. And 1.5 hours of quick charge can bring 18 days of standby >

# together out of interest #8 the evening of Sept. 9 ended in Olson, 5 kilometers, nearly a hundred runners in the same run TA, make love, enjoy the joy of running.
Sina running news is no longer alone, and sweating with the runners. On the evening of August 9th together ran out of interest Olson ended, 5 km away hundreds of runners in the same run TA, make love, enjoy the joy of running. Sina running invited professional runners to lead and stretch before running. @ @ super coach Liang _ also run with friends to share the experience of running. It's better to go on a date than to run. Let's run out of fun together!

dating is not as good as running. Let's run out of fun together!

running is not lonely practice, but running friends gatherings and festivals in this romantic August, Sina running channel to join Lining for the love of running friends brought a fully and delightfully grand.

Sina "wave running group" together ran out of "fun" activities on the night of the 9 th evening in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park successfully concluded, 5 kilometers away, nearly a hundred running friends to participate in the meeting, meet the same love running he / her, enjoy the joy of running. All the runners in the event were selected from Sina running community. 30 of the most potential runners were also awarded the Lining arc four generation running shoes and sports T-shirts provided by Li Ning Co. The staff of sina runners prepared physical food and drinking water for you. Finally, there was a raffle gift giving event to ignite the moving summer night.

is no longer alone, and sweats
with the runners
at 6:30 in the evening of August 9th, along with the cool breeze on summer night, nearly 100 runners gathered in Beijing Olympic Forest Park to participate in the 5 kilometer collective night run.

as the promotion of healthy running service platform, Sina invited professional runners high sea - participated in the Hongkong 100 km cross-country race and won the silver medal of the joint lead you to warm up before a run, every one runners are seriously in the start of the preparatory activities, in the passionate slogans and professional movements led by everyone, almost into the excited state, all eager to high spirits.
chart is that Gao Hailian is leading everyone in the preparation.

"three, two, one, run!" The cries and cheers of the masses of the host, hundreds of friends ran off go forward with great strength and vigour walking along the road, Orson park water vapor as if every inch of a wild profusion of vegetation, the pores of the skin to breathe the air flowing, feel the rhythm of movement. About 30 minutes later, the first echelon fast runners completed the first 5km run back to camp. When everyone came back to the end for a little rest, Gao Hailian led the people to the stretch after the run.

, though sweaty, was breathless, but the surf was always laughing and laughing. There are two micro-blog red people, and they are also professional.

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