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In order to meet the upcoming 2016-17 College Football Bowl
, Adidas once again with NCAA (American University Sports Association) to bring a limited AlphaBOUNCE series. Draw inspiration from the participating university team color: Red / white on behalf of Louisville, Indiana and Nebraska; dark blue / orange on behalf of Miami; wine red and black on behalf of Texas M and Mississippi A& State; black / white is Western Michigan. The reason for this series is limited because Adidas will not be sold publicly, and in August the UltraBOOST is just for athletes exclusive, like friends may need to find another way to start.

[thank loyal Sublime submission, bonus points +70]

yes, most people in the country may not know the band Sublime, so it won't have what feelings for Sublime, this is the shoes for them and not feel what. But the band for me, but always accompany me grow up. At the age of more than 10 is still young and frivolous, overheard Sublime songs, then get out of hand. Although the Sublime in the world of work, but the first capital is a classic, I was very glad to see the same fan message said: now because of this pair of shoes, to understand the band, which fell in love with it.

, like many punk rock fans, collected a lot of their love of the band. This time to see this pair of Sublime joint suddenly sold in China, limited to 300 pairs, fortunately I started behind, but still lucky to have bought a pair of. For me, this pair of shoes are familiar, black shoes of the most dazzling is the name: "the same 40oz to Freedom" band logo - a yellow sun, greatly, this pattern is printed to the standard on the tongue, the tongue and the standard below pattern designer Opie Ortiz signature. The beautiful sun is also printed on the box, of course, just a simple sketch. Sublime as random punk and famous singer Noville and died because of the joint may fall apart, but also hastily, enough to satisfy many years later we wish these fans.
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