Cooking Schools

Stephania Balducci, born in Assisi, now divides her time between Italy and Holland. She will prepare her family’s traditional Tuscan and Umbrian recipes in your kitchen, conduct a cooking class in your home, or help you give a “little chef’s” cooking party. (She can be convinced to do the same in the United States; her English is perfect). Website:

Fagiolari, owned by Giulietta Giovannoni, is an Italian agritourismo (bed and breakfast) in a Tuscan vineyard half way between Florence and Siena. There, she shares her hospitality, knowledge of regional specialties, her own fine wine, and her generous good humor. You will find Fagiolari in Karen Brown’s book, Charming Inns and Itineraries in Italy. Website:

Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries. Nikki Rose, Founder/Director, runs six-day seminars that are culinary and cultural immersion. You will learn to cook Cretan style, meet artisan beekeepers, organic olive-oil producers and cheese makers. You’ll visit local chefs, organic farmers, botanists, historians. Website:

On the island of Kea in Greece, cookbook Author Aglaia Kremezi opens her kitchen to visitors. In one week, you will learn the secret of preparing phyllo, watch farmers produce fresh cheese, make jam and liqueurs. Website: