Global Women’s Leadership Network provides leadership development and resources for women. They offer a residential leadership program, coaching and lifelong collaboration, which results in a network of visionary leaders ready to transform the lives of women, girls and their communities in some of the most impoverished areas in the world. Learn more>

The Butterfly Project. In 2005 when nurse Carole Peccorini went to Uganda as part of a relief team distributing glyconutrients and vitamins to orphans, she tucked 1,200 iridescent butterflies into her suitcase as gifts. She was moved by meeting girls who wanted to serve their rural communities as teachers and nurses but lacked the financial resources to pursue their dreams. Before she left East Africa, she had committed to send ten orphans to college (tuition, books, room and board, transportation to and from school and mentoring). Learn more>

The International Womenís Democracy Center trains women from Central Asia, Southern Africa, Northern Ireland and the Middle East to stand as candidates for election in their own countries. Learn more>

Calling the Circle is an exchange program between California and Uganda. Women leaders from both regions visit women leaders in the other, learning about each othersí lives and strategies. The exchange is a program of the Womenís Intercultural Network and the California Womenís Agenda. Learn more>

Global Leadership: The Global Business Womenís Network presents the Global Summit Of Women that is attended by women business owners and heads of state from all over the world. Their on-line resource, can help you grow your business across borders. Their Corporate Women Directors International promotes the increase participation of women on corporate boards globally.

Local Leadership: California Womenís Agenda is a state action alliance of over 500 organizations in California, working together to implement the Beijing Platform at the grassroots. CAWA links women and girls in collective action through real and "virtual" networks.

Vital Voices is a global partnership that trains women leaders in emerging nations to build democracies, strong economies and peace. Their work focuses on: expanding women's roles in politics and civil society; increasing women's successful entrepreneurship; fighting trafficking in women and girls and other human rights abuses. Graduates become part of a Global Network, an affiliation of women leaders across the globe linked through on-going dialogue, technical assistance and professional support. Learn more>

The Center for Women's Global Leadership develops and facilitates women's leadership for women's human rights and social justice worldwide. Founded in 1989 as a project of Douglass College at Rutgers, the center played a galvanizing role in the United Nations conference on human rights (Vienna, 1993) and in the 1995 UN conference in Beijing, by helping secure global policy commitments that "women's rights are human rights." CWGL programs include annual residential Women's Global Leadership Institutes on campus. Learn more>